Drive technology

The most commonly used types of driving beltsare V-belts. Depending on their quality, we have 800 sizes of V-belts available on stock.

We offer wide range of belts of each product types which are:

  • V-belts
  • pulleys, adapter sleeves
  • roller chains
  • sprockets, chain pulleys
  • spring sleeves
  • gears, racks, worm-wheels, ratchet gearings
  • clutches
  • cardan joints, cardan shafts
  • torque limiters
  • splined shafts, spline sleeves
  • fittings, spline fittings
  • electric motors, driving gears

ELBE cardan joints, cardan shafts

Company ELBE’s history started in 1973, when they bought Hewa, a maufacturing company of cardan shafts.
Still that year, ELBE has been in constant development, and passed the manufacturing of ball joints, cardan joints and shafts to its subsidiary ELSO in 1977.
In 2006, ELSO invested 5 million euros in purchasing new machines and buying modern automation technics, so that they could increase their competitiveness very effectively.
ELBE produces different types of cardan shatfts, double joints, spiders, elements for shafts, collars for shafts, gears, and gear boxes and also components of gears and drives.